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Included here are some video testimonials from the clients at their exhibitions, plus some written reviews  from LinkedIn, and they're in no particular order:


Richard Adair, EMEA Systems Engineer at Lingotek 

"I had the pleasure of working with Seb at a recent event I attended and was really impressed with his whole approach and his degree of professionalism. Seb was quick to pick up the basics of what the company did and what are key messages where to engage with prospects, so much so he developed a specific routine relevant to our messaging and solution. It was very well received. I found his business sense was particularly strong as he understood exactly how and when to engage and when to handover relevant prospects for a more detailed conversation. I would recommend Seb again and again as he is a real talent."

Testimonial from Olympus


Testimonial from B&H Worldwide


Brian Cotlove, Head of Business Development - BentoBox

"Sebastian (Seb) is an absolute must for our company's trade show events. His combination of magic and personality allows him to effectively get attendees into our booth and help our sales team have more conversations. We absolutely get far more leads at our shows thanks to Seb. In addition, Seb is easy to work with. He was able to quickly adapt the message to our industry and target audience and understands exactly how trade shows work, helping qualify leads so our reps can spend more time talking to high quality prospects. Lastly, the positive effect that magic has on people creates an environment at our trade show booth that was lively and upbeat. Instead of our first interaction with prospects being standoffish and cold, Seb's work creates a great first impression of our company and our sales reps leading to better conversations, better brand value, and ultimately, more sales. Seb is a definite must for any trade show event and I can't recommend him highly enough."

Sandy Holland, Director at E-MusicMaestro

"Seb drew just the right potential customers, laughing and smiling, to our stand. Visitor numbers were limited only by our capacity to deal with them! Seb's magic tricks were amazing and his charming manner belies an acute business sense so he was also able to give us some useful advice on managing our stand. The moral dilemma is ... do we recommend him to our colleagues or keep him for ourselves?"

David Pellow Communication Officer, Dekko Comics

"Sebastian was a joy to work with and was undeniably a benefit to us at our stall. He is brilliant at attracting people while also being a consummate professional with him always insisting on our company being mentioned. He got to grips with what our business was very quickly and was excellent at explaining it quickly to people while drawing them in to engage with us. He is also brilliant at magic with a great repertoire of engaging and quick tricks while also entertaining us. I very much hope I get to work with him again."

Susana Vas Aldea Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA at Delphix

"I recently had the pleasure of witnessing Sebastian's ability to engage and qualify complete strangers, explain our value proposition and act as one of our team at a large executive tradeshow. Using his magic he stopped & qualified delegates, directing quality prospects to our stand that might have not otherwise been reached by us. Not only will Sebastian increase the number of qualified leads you will also have a fun time working with him and have the joy of watching him in action. The magic is great!! I would definitely recommend him."

Marcus Evans NHS Account Director - Questback

"Sebastian has yet again proved an invaluable resource for us, this time at the NHS Providers conference in Birmingham. He has taken the time to deeply understand our Value Proposition and was able to hold appropriate conversations with our target audience. In addition the ability to attract and filter delegates is exceptional."

Testimonial from Bounce Exchange


Testimonial from Zuma Eyewear


Testimonial from Pulsant


Lisbeth Grastrup. Marketing, Queue-It

"I worked with Sebastian at the Internet Retailing Expo in Birmingham in March 2015 where Queue-it hired him as a gateway to connect with attendees. He was very professional and people were amazed with his magic tricks (, which helped us drive traffic to our booth. He is experienced and knows the right people to speak to. I highly recommend him."


Brian Carter, Director at Dental Finance Ltd

"Fantastic. Seb worked with us for two days at a trade show. Quite apart from keeping us entertained, more importantly he was great at selecting and attracting to the stand the people we wanted to talk to as well as being an ice-breaker in ensuring they were open to discussion. It was no surprise to us that other stand holders were making enquiry of him for future shows - although they will have to join the queue!"

Paul Jackson, Tracsis PLC

"From start to finish Sebastian was a pleasure to work with. Prior to the show, he went to great lengths to understand our business and the 'prospects' we would be looking for. During the three days of the trade show his professionalism was first class and his presence alongside our stand without a doubt increased the footfall to our team of qualified and relevant potential clients. 

We had many positive comments from visitors and even from competitors on our innovative approach to engaging with visitors not least due to Sebastian being very much a part of our show team. 

Sebastian is also a pretty good magician too by the way! Highly recommended."

Vesna Braithwaite, Marketing Manager at Propelair Ltd

"Seb worked on our stand at the Facilities Show this year. He was great at breaking the ice with his astonishing range of magic tricks, and was quickly able to assess which visitors counted as qualified leads and direct them to our stand. His salesmanship was excellent too, and he was comfortable demonstrating our product when needed. I would definitely recommend his services and hope to work with him again in the future."

Benjamin Queisser, Director International Operations

“Seb worked with us at our most important UK trade show - BDIA. He learned all about our company beforehand and was so very effective at helping us meeting potential customers at the show. Using his magic he stopped & qualified delegates, directing quality prospects to our stand that might have not otherwise been reached by us. A great success and we booked him again for next year, with other shows in Europe being looked at as well.”

James Spafford, Enterprise Director Northern Europe, Delphix

“I recently experienced Sebastian's skills at a large conference. He magically engaged directly with people walking past our stand, and over the 3 days bought in over 50 additional leads to the company, which was fantastic. It’s not easy to walk up to people you don't know and engage with them immediately and start a business discussion, his skill and unique style in doing this linked with his ability to articulate a clear business message is superb and would recommend to anyone that they utilize his skills.”



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