Principally, I provide live marketing magic for exhibitions. I complement this with advice and consultancy, as well as other event services.


Live Marketing Magic

  • I perform in-depth research on your service, your company, your industry, and your target market within it. This enables me as an expo magician to engage prospects in an authoritative way.
  • I ensure I understand your goals for the show, your branding and your marketing messaging.
  • I will utilise repertoire selected for your target demographic, which may include incorporating your brand or messaging into my material, or developing original magic, for maximum impact.
  • Typically, I will be on your booth for the entirety of the agreed days (save for comfort breaks) where I will be continually engaging, qualifying and introducing prospects to your exhibition team.
  • I will, if required, accompany your team to any after-show parties or networking events, where I will help broker introductions and represent your brand.
  • I can, if required, use social media to promote your company, your stand and the magic before and during the show.

In addition:


I can offer advice on all aspects of trade show marketing, such as

  • stand design
  • printed collateral
  • stand hospitality
  • social media integration
  • the all important swag!


Nobody knows your product/service like your sales staff, but the world of trade show exhibiting has unique and sometimes unexpected challenges. With many years of trade show marketing experience, I can ensure that the time your sales staff spends away from the office is as fruitful as it can possibly be. This includes

  • Exhibition team member roles
  • Messaging
  • Prospect engagement and qualification
  • Tricks of the trade

Trade show enticements

Depending on your goals for the show I have all the best resources to help you make the impact you need.

  • Hospitality and promotional staff
  • Booth games and attractions (add a competition element for lead acquisition)









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